Great start to the open water series at Goz

Caption: Dan Benton keeps an eye out at the 800m / 2km wave start

The first round of the Piranha Open Water Swim series was held in still and cloudy conditions at Gosling Creek yesterday afternoon. Water temp was fine. Great to see new faces (Phil and Jackson Wilkin, Mitch Nelson) and returns (Clarissa Lark and Richard Hogg).  Jacko Wilkin just needs a few pointers in sighting!  It was a good event for everyone and an additional good hitout for those who race in Canberra or Western Sydney this weekend…good luck Piranhas.

Thanks Meg Goodwin for rego, Steve Martin for timing, and Dan Benton (member and The Barnyard) for hosting and water safety.


200m: Olivia Martin, Pip Martin

400m: Jessie Dean, Charlotte Simmons, David Hunter

800m: Rory Thornhill, Matt Dean, Janet Martin

2km: Mitch Nelson, Josh Stapley, Andrew Glastonbury

171122 Open Water Swim

Twilight Race this Friday (24 Nov)

And remember we have our twilight race this Friday – all legs are internal – at Gosling:

Set up: 5:00-5:30pm (many hands make light work here)

Rego: 5:30pm

Enticer briefing and race: 5:45pm  200m swim | 6km ride | 1.25km run

Super Sprint briefing then race: 6:15pm  400m swim | 8km ride | 2.5km run

Pack Up: 7pm (many hands make light work here)

Cost: free for members, $15 for non-members

Note this evening is pitched at triathletes at least 13 years of age (or have clearance from Mel Ashton-Garard if under 13)