Group road cycling this summer

Dear OCTC members,

Welcome to Daylight Savings. This time of year always brings two things, magpies and more riders on the road! We can’t do much about the magpies, but as we do each year, the following provides some information about the Club sanctioned rides and a reminder of some bunch riding etiquette. For everyone’s safety, please read the following in its entirety.

OCTC operates two training rides each week.
7am Saturday Coffee Ride
6pm Wednesday Dash

Both rides will now depart from the same location, namely the car park on the eastern or Huntley Road side of Jack Brabham Park near the kiosk and toilet block (Note the change in start location for the Dash)

To protect everyone, all riders must be insured and members of one of the following organisations. The cost of membership is negligible and protects you and the other riders in the group.

  • Cycling Australia – Ride or Race+ membership (from $99/year)
  • Triathlon Australia)
  • MTB Australia
  • Bicycle Network
  • Bicycle NSW
  • Bunches)

The number of bunches and their average speeds will depend on the number of riders who turn up. However, bunch speeds will typically be as follows:

  • Sub-27kmh
  • 27kmh to 30kmh
  • 30kmh to 33kmh
  • 33kmh to 36kmh
  • +36kmh

Slowest bunch will leave first, with faster bunches leaving at intervals after that. Bunches should typically be less than 12 riders. Please pick your bunch carefully, starting with a bunch that may be slower than you would normally ride and move progressively up through the bunches each week until you find the right bunch.

Each bunch should have an experienced bunch leader who will coordinate the departure and organisation of the bunch so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride and is a role model for appropriate bunch etiquette. The bunch leaders can be sorted out in the day, but it is an important role, so please don’t be afraid to stick your hand up.

The Rides – see OCC website for routes

7am Saturday Coffee Ride
o Distance – approximately 56km. Plenty of options to turn short.
o Slower bunches are “no drop” policy, unless the rider is substantially slower than the bunch, in which case they should turn short and try a slower bunch the next week. The +36kmh bunch will not wait.
o Coffee – Bill Beans East Orange.

6pm Wednesday Dash
o Distance – approximately 25km. As an out-and-back course, riders can turn early.
o This is a hard-paced training ride. The bunches will not wait.

Cycling and Bunch Riding Etiquette

See the two links below for information on cycling etiquette, however, please ensure the following.

  • Treat all riders and other road users with respect and courtesy.
  • Call hazards (pot holes, gravel, cars ahead or behind) in a loud, clear voice and use hand gestures.
  • Maintain a safe distance to the rider in front. Minimum distances should be the diameter of a wheel, unless you know the rider in front and their riding style.
  • Where possible, ride in the left half of the lane.
  • Never ride more than two abreast.
  • When passing other groups, do so in single file, give plenty of room to the other group and call loudly on approach so the group knows you are coming. We have had feedback that a number of new riders have walked away from the sport because they were frightened by riders passing too close and at speed.
    During the early part of the season, please take it easy, talk to the other riders and help less experienced riders or take advice from more experienced riders. We all started as novices and we all remember those kind words of advice or encouragement when we first started out.

TDC Etiquette Guide

SCC Etiquette Book

As always, ride safe, be seen and keep the rubber side down.

Mitchell Bland
On behalf of the OCTC Committee