Kevin and Sid’s Ironwill

Hi Piranhas,

In 1993 Sid James planned to enter his first Ironman but an accident which left him quadriplegic meant this opportunity would never happen. He is currently the race director for the Victor Harbour triathlons in South Australia and has been for over 20 years. Sid does this from his home office and wheelchair.

In 2017 Sid’s Ironman dream will come true when Kevin Fergusson will tow Sid for the entire Kona Ironman. Kevin has finished 30 Ironmans in the past 12 years but nothing will compare to the journey Sid and Kevin are about to embark on. OCTC member Brian Kennelly has recently moved to Adelaide and has come to hear of this amazing pair.

To see the incredible effort for the pair to complete a triathlon, watch this 90 sec video:

There is a fund raising campaign for Sid to make it to Kona with Kevin. There are two options if you are interested in support for Kevin and Sid. There is a GoFundMe page or you can buy a t shirt with all proceeds going to the campaign.