2016/17 Committee

The OCTC committee meets on a monthly basis. Members can raise issues to be discussed by using the Contact Form of this website or approaching a committee member directly. The committee is always looking to improve the club and encourages members to put forward ideas.

President Mick Lockyer
Vice President Matt Dean
Treasurer Megan Goodwin
Secretary David Hunter
Communications Alison Dermody
General Committee Members Kim Dale, Julie Middleton, Brian Sharp, Bridgitte Burge, Jacob Evans
Website and Social Media Alison Dermody, Bridgitte Burge
Membership David Hunter
Sanctioning Phil Tudor, Steve Martin
Volunteers Brian Sharp
Uniforms Mick Lockyer
Meat Raffles and Fundraising Kim Dale
Race Operations Phil Tudor, Matt Dean
Member Safety Sandy Ostini, Trish Devenish, Mick Lockyer, Kim Dale, Dani Burgio