Survey results – plans begin for season 17/18



We had a whopping 52 responses to our survey and this is an initial summary of insights / recommendations from these:

  • We should have roughly same number of events next season
  • If people don’t race, mainly due competing family / work, and then it is due competing triathlons – it is a crowded calendar!
  • Race day schedule has overwhelming support ie start with Sprint, finish with Midget
  • Race day experience overall is good, and room still to improve
  • Gosling Creek aquathlon series on a Fri arvo has support
  • We need to be mindful of Sprint and Olympic qualifiers for Gold Coast World Age Group as we build our OCTC calendar
  • Solid base of volunteers for next season, no new committee nominees, but some new names for other jobs
  • Heaps of great ideas – will take some time to work through them and work out which ones we can pull off next season

Next steps:

  • A small group will now take these survey results and plan season 17/18.
  • We will be in contact in mid Sep with those who volunteered – now is the time to relax, enjoy an off season and see you again at the breaking of the ice in late Sept!

Dave Hunter
on behalf of 16/17 committee

The summary of survey results:

  • 81% said we had the right number of events. 9% too many and 9% too few
  • Major reason (55%) members missed events was due competing family / work priorities, then second reason (34%) was they clashed with other triathlons. No one due not enough notice, only 1 was distance too short.
  • 95% of racers liked the new schedule

Following results are for race day:

  • 80% were given enough info on web/newsletter for race day (12% neutral, 8% not enough)
  • 86% thought rego process was smooth (10% neutral, 2% disagree)
  • 88% thought course briefing was good (8% neutral, 4% disagree)
  • 86% felt welcomed (8% neutral, 6% disagree)
  • 90% felt safe (10% neutral, 0% disagree)

Future events:

  • 27 would do a Gosling Creek aquathlon series on a few Fri in summer
  • 21 would do a cross tri at Lake Canobolas
  • 13 interested in Elephant Park club run on Tues evenings in spring
  • 9 think balance is about right

World Age Group Champs on Gold Coast in Sep 18:

  • 25 are not seeking qualification
  • 19 will chase Sprint qualification
  • 8 will chase Olympic qualification

Volunteers for next season:

  • 50% yes, with almost all to help on race day, and a sprinkling across other ways to help the club – 25 names on the list

Ideas for next season:

  • Heaps! Will take some time to go through these