Do you need a shiny new tri suit for the 2017 / 2018 season?

We will shortly be opening up an online shop through Scody. There is a significant lag time between placing an order and fulfilment so we need to get on to this now to enable people to receive their kit for the start of the season.

We are excited to announce that this year we will be introducing some cycling specific kit, including jerseys, arm warmers, leg warmers and possibly knicks as well.


To enable us to plan a little better, please email us at or send us a message on Facebook to let us know what you intend to order e.g junior, men’s or women’s tri suits, and / or cycling kit. The availability of items in the shop will depend on us being able to meet minimum order amounts, so we need your input! Sizing is not required at this point.

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of the uniforms appearing on the website soon!