An update for the huge Orange Junior Weekend coming this weekend at Gosling Creek

A few updates for the Junior Weekend this weekend 04/05 Nov at Gosling Creek Reserve, Orange:

  • We have sold out of slots for the skills and races on Sat and 9am Sunday mixed team event! Thank you to the parents, Central West tri clubs and Tri NSW to promote this event
  • For the three later races on Sunday (Enticer 1045: +12yrs old, Junior 1115: 7-12 yrs old, Midget 1145: 7 and under), rego is on the day at the Rego Desk near the play equipment. Come 30-40 mins before your race to get a good racking spot for your bike! Cost is free for Orange members and $10 for non members
  • Ages for these 3 races are a guide – refer to table below for distances and if not sure which race for your child, consider their swim skills
  • We would love volunteers to help out for preps and the weekend itself – there is a volunteer page where you can nominate your timeslot
  • Volunteers will get an email reminder -2 days and -1 day before your slot. Only your first name and surname initial will show on the roster. Our tri club would really appreciate a hand from parents visiting for the weekend, and Orange Piranhas, triathlon newbies and experienced for these jobs – meet at the Rego Desk and you’ll be allocated your role – this really helps to have a successful weekend for our juniors.


Day ​1


Time Event Comments
8:45am ​- ​9:15am ​Non-drafting ​(12 ​– ​18 ​years) ​athlete ​and ​cycle ​skills ​registration
8:45am ​- ​10:15am ​Draft ​Legal ​ITU ​Youth/Junior/U23 ​athletes ​registration​
9:30am ​- ​10:15am ​Cycle ​skills ​clinic ​Non-drafting ​and ​draft ​legal
10:30am ​- ​11:15 ​am Open ​water ​swim ​clinic ​Non-​drafting ​& ​optional ​for ​Draft ​Legal ​Youth
11:30am ​- ​12:15pm ​Aquathlon ​300m/1.5km ITU ​Youth, ​Junior, ​U/23
12:15pm ​- ​1:00pm ​Lunch Lunch ​pack ​supplied ​or ​BYO ​if ​you ​have ​special ​dietary ​requirements
1:15pm ​- ​2:00pm ​Non-drafting ​- ​Transition ​race ​200m/2km/500m
2:00pm ​ITU ​Super ​Sprint ​Triathlon ​200m/5km/1.5km ​Heats ​(Draft ​Legal ​athletes)
4:00pm ITU ​Super ​Sprint ​Triathlon ​200m/5km/1.5km Finals ​(Draft ​Legal ​athletes)


Day ​2

Time Event Comments
8:00am ​Registration
9:00am ​TNSW ​/ ​ITU ​Mixed ​Teams ​Relay ​Championships – 300m/6km/1.6km ​Draft ​Legal ​athletes
10:45am ​Enforcer ​- ​200m/6km/1.5km ​Non-drafting, age guide 12+years
11:15am Junior ​- ​100m/2km/600m ​Non-drafting, age guide 7-12 ​years
11:45am ​- ​12:00pm ​Midgets ​- ​50m/800m/400m ​Under ​7 ​years