Welcome to Club Champs Week!

Hi Piranhas,

We’re almost there, under 5 days from Triathlon NSW Club Champs on Sat 24 Mar! With a final flurry today, the Piranha squad for Gosling Creek is now at 72 for Saturday’s events, with our team spread roughly half between Junior and Senior events. Dare I say, the Sat weather forecast looks perfect with sunny and 25…but let’s wait and see.

Here’s our timetable:

Fri: 1 – 3pm or 3 – 5pm If anyone has a couple of hours, much appreciated to assist on set up at Gosling

Fri: 5:30 – 6:30pm Shirt and mini water bottle pick up @ Hotel Canobolas lobby on Summer St side for registered athletes and volunteers. Otherwise do pick up on Sat at the Piranha tent.

Sat: Leg 1 @ Gosling Creek

  • 0730 – 0815: Kids rego and transition open
  • 0730: Piranha tent will be open to park your bags, pick up shirts and bottles if not already picked up
  • 0815: Junior Piranha group photo outside Piranha marquee before 7-9 yr old race briefing – wear your club shirt!
  • 0830: 7-9 yr olds race
  • 0900: 10-12 yr olds race
  • 0945: 13-16 yr olds race
  • 1000 – 1145: Rego open for Seniors Club Champs – recommend you rego early and get out of there
  • 1005 – 1150: Transition open
  • 1150: Piranha group photo outside Piranha marquee – ie before briefing (this is for all Juniors, Seniors, volunteers – everyone to wear club shirts!)
  • 1200: Race briefing
  • 1230 – 1:15pm Race wave starts (haven’t seen the wave start times yet – once we do, we’ll share on Facebook)
  • 4:00pm Race finish – party starts!

Sat: Leg 2 @ Hotel Canobolas: wear your new club shirt!

  • 5:00 – 7:15pm: Pre party in Courtyard – see Megan Goodwin or Kim Dale or Dave Hunter for your ticket for free first drink for racers and registered volunteers

Sat: Leg 3 @ Ex Servies Club

  • 7:30pm: Walk from Nob to Ex-Servies for presentation night
  • 7:45pm: Presentation night and after party


It will be controlled chaos at least three times – Junior club photo at 0815, everyone club photo at 1150, and departure of Nob at 7:15pm – pls listen to directions 🙂

A big thanks to our shirt sponsors – you’ll see who they are on the weekend, and think of them when you support local businesses who support us. A big word up to Mick Lockyer and Phil Tudor who have worked hard with council and 100% Events out at Goz to prepare for a great day.

Thanks, Dave Hunter

PS you can register to race until 11:55pm tonight, Mon 19 Mar, to be our 73rd team member