Gosling Creek – path upgrade DA

The DA for the Gosling Creek path upgrade is currently open for public exhibition and comment. Submissions close on Friday 11th October at 5pm. Below is a link to the DA and the email address to send submissions to is further down.

Link to Gosling Creek path upgrade DA 

We are encouraging members to send an email to Council supporting the track upgrade. We believe it will be a wonderful asset for the entire community and will allow a broad range of individuals and community groups  to enjoy the Gosling Creek precinct. With the expansion of the track, there will be improved space for faster riders and family users to share the space more safely.

If you wish to make a formal submission to the development proposal, email Orange City Council :

All formal submissions must include your full name, phone number and postal address, and an email address if you have one, the relevant Development Application (DA) number and the site address of the DA.

If your submission is an objection to a proposal, your reasons should be clearly provided. Make sure that you keep your letter relevant to the specific proposal.

Council must consider all issues raised within any submission before making a decision regarding DAs.

Issues raised in the submission are of primary importance. The number of submissions received in response to a DA has no bearing on the outcome of the application.

If you make a submission, you should know that:

(i)        In this context of making a submission, any information provided to, or collected, by Orange City Council is for the purpose of assessing a Development Application.
(ii)       This information will be made publicly available.
(iii)      The intended recipients of the information are Council staff, the developer, the public and Councillors.
(iv)      The making of any submission is entirely voluntary.
(v)       The person providing the information has a right to access the information to correct any personal information supplied.
(vi)      The submission will be placed in Council’s file and may appear on Council’s website during the consideration of the Development Application.
(vii)     Council’s file on the Development Application may be accessed by any person.
(viii)    Signatures, personal contact details, personal financial information and photographs depicting persons will not be made available on Council’s website.
(ix)      Comments of an abusive or offensive nature should be avoided.