Handicap and Teams Day at Gosling: short race report

A great morning out in Gosling for the Handicap and Teams Event. While the temperature was high teens, the water was not and so a duathlon of 400m run | 6km internal bike | 1.2km run.

Mick Lockyer was our handicapper again and spread the field. Scratch marker Judy kicked off at 9.01am and a steady stream of duathletes followed with Dave Searle the final starter at +5 mins.  Through 20 mins of red line racing, Searle worked through the field to claim a narrow victory over Andrew Commins (the long course specialist also shines in the short stuff) and Ethan Buesnel a fast finishing third.

The teams event was a little more laid back and plenty of fun on the 400m run | 4km bike | 600m run. Ethan Buesnel with Pippa and Olivia Martin won the day (I think – it was full on out there).

Check out Prime News at 6pm on Wed 18 Oct for coverage.

Thanks all the setter-uppers, St Johns Ambulance, photographers Scotty W and Kate Thornton, and Mick and Brian who trucked and unpacked gear back at Lake Canobolas.

Dave Hunter