Volunteer Update for Oct and early Nov

Hi Piranhas,

A volunteer update – Dave and Megan will be at rego desk this Sun (15/10) to seek volunteers to help out for some of the events below coming up in Oct and Nov:

  1. 14 Oct: Junior Gala Afternoon
    1. Truck in: we have volunteers in place to truck equipment from Lake Canobolas to Gosling
    2. Set up and pack up: for those out at Gosling, we will look for your help to put out cones, set bike racks, marshalling
  2. 15 Oct: Team Relay
    1. Set up and pack up: members to come out 40 mins early (from 0800) to help set up
    2. Truck back: look for 2 volunteers who can drive back to the lake and unpack gear back into our shed
  3. 22 Oct:  BikeFest
    1. Require 6 volunteers  (3 pairs) to host in 60-75 min blocks (0900 Р1000, 1000-1100, or 1100-1200) the Piranha marquee at BikeFest on 22 Oct
    2. This is an important event for the club as we show our support for Orange Council events to reciprocate great Council support for our club
  4. 04/05 Nov: 2nd annual Junior Weekend
    1. This is the biggest event we host for the season for our club with 70 – 80 juniors converge on Gosling over two days for skills and racing
    2. It is the event that makes the largest financial contribution to our club and we seek support from members even if they don’t have juniors involved
    3. We’ll look for 2 hour volunteer slots for Fri 03 Nov / Sat 04 Nov / Sun 05 Nov – you can do a few slots if you’re available! More info on Sun 15/10

Thanks, Dave Hunter