The club AGM is Tuesday the 25th July at 6pm, the location is the Media Room, upstairs at the Hotel Canobolas.
At the AGM all positions will be declared Vacant and a new committee will be elected to run the club on members behalf for the next 12 months. We are calling for nominations to fill the committee. If you are interested please put forward your nomination to the club via email to
Please find attached a flyer which formalises our Club Structure that will be discussed at the AGM. As a brief summary the Orange Cycle & Triathlon Club is the incorporated entity and as such needs to adhere to the model rules to protect volunteers of both Cycling and Tri. As such we will be electing an overarching committee as the OCTC exec and will then have separate Cycle and Tri club sub committees to run the clubs on a day to day basis.
The OCTC will be seeking nominations for this overarching committee as well.
Look forward to seeing members there.